Business Curation

Like a curator who is responsible for selecting, assembling and presenting its collections in a museum, we at SEABRAND support you in connecting the dots between strategy, leadership and marketing in order to assure you are able to sustainably create value.

We support you in various ways throughout the disciplines; coaching or advising you on an individual level, by training your team(s) or and consulting you on an organizational basis.

SEABRAND offers coaching alongside its other services because we recognize that the work of a team starts with the input and impact of the individual members.

When projects are not effective, the problem is often not a lack of planning, but the full understanding and correct execution of the plan by team members. By reflecting upon communication patterns and analyzing, clarifying or reframing certain topics, we support you in achieving higher levels of effectiveness and efficiency in your projects and daily cooperation.


Our mission is to ensure that you, our clients, achieve and exceed their own goals. We want to support you in realizing your full potential as an individual as well as the potential of your team and organization.

We strive for a world where individuals and organizations have the skills, capacity and resources to deliver positive and lasting transformational change through continuously improving their strategy and leadership.

We are dedicated to help you, your team and your organization grow.
We start from the premise that “everything is possible”. We support you by bringing energy, enthusiasm and passion, despite our expertise on the actual topics.
We know what we don’t know, and that’s where our network of partners comes into play. We
We love positive thinking, innovation and customer centric high quality work!


“Andreia was fantastic to work with – inspiring and friendly.
She helped me immensely developing a marketing strategy whilst
giving me the confidence and know how to execute it and, more importantly,
continue to develop it on my own.”

A. McKenzie-Murdoch, ZEOT Zürich

“Ich möchte ich bei Ihnen für Ihre Zeit und das professionelle Coaching bedanken.
Es hat mir in gewissen Bereichen wirklich die Augen geöffnet und eine neue Sichtweise gegeben.
Bei einer Bewerbung gestern habe ich die neue Ansicht …
bereits anzuwenden versucht.”

F.S., Coaching Kunde

Andreia is a people-person who combines marketing expertise
with her passion for contemporary social media trends.
Her energy, experience, and attention to detail ensure that her work
is both results-oriented and cutting-edge.

Yahor Buben, CEO of Sopotra

Andreia is highly creative and unusually is able to combine this with attention to detail ensuring a unique and high quality outcome!

Trudi Hämmerli , CEO of TruStep Consulting GmbH and CEO of PerioC Ltd

Andreia is passionate, knowledgeable and effective. A workshop with her is well worth the time and expense to take your challenges head-on. She adapted to our needs to ensure we got the most of our time and could immediately implement our new skills. Even 6 months later, I hear her voice and tips in the back of my head when negotiating prices. Simply Fantastic. If you have the chance to work with her. Do it!

Emilie Etesi, Co-Founder Amplilabs

I am sure any organization that could require her services
will be well served – beyond their expectations!

Philip Juárez-Paz, Sustainable Development Professional, Guatemala

Business Curation



About me


I am Andreia Fernandes, the person behind SEABRAND. I am happy to welcome you here and to have an opportunity to tell you about my passion, my vision and what I see as my mission with SEABRAND.

I strongly believe that people don’t buy what I do – they buy why I do it. My vision is to empower you to achieve your wildest dreams! I want to enable you to recognize your potential and achieve your personal and professional goals in a way that draws on all elements of your personality. This will help you create your unique personal brand.

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