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30 JAN 2020

Keynote “Bringing more women to entrepreneurship”, EPFL Lausanne & Innosuisse, 50+ Participants

30 JAN 2020

Bringing more women to entrepreneurship, EPFL Lausanne & Innosuisse


22 Nov 2019

Keynote “Why we need female leaders” Univ. of Basel, Femtrepreneurs initiative, 130+ Participants

06 June 2019

Moderation of SEC Jubilee Event, morning English, afternoon German, 170 Participants

02-05 Sept 2019

Facilitation of global Coordinator Week for Swisscontact SEC

06 May 2019

Keynote on “uber-isation of work” to Interpreters’ and Translators’ Association (DÜV)

11 Mar 2019

Cofacilitation of global Female Entrepreneurship Week for Swisscontact

22 Jan 2019

Workshop “Forget about New Year’s Resolutions” Wespace, Zurich


18 Oct 2018

Impuls Lunch “Failed or Cleverer”, Amplilabs Aarau

18 Oct 2018

Workshop on Negotiation, Coworking Space, Aarau

30 Sept 2018

Linkedin Mini Workshops as part of the Museumschaffen Projekt, Winterthur

30 Sept 2018

Workshop on Self-branding for F-Ective, at ZKB Bahnhofstrasse ZĂŒrich

10 Sept 2018

Workshop on Professional Social Media, Coworking UG2, Winterthur

29 Aug 2018

Panel participation Swiss EMEX Pink Hour

16 Mar 2018

Panel discussion with founders of Book a Tiger at START SUMMIT St. Gallen


28 Nov 2017

Presentation “Impact Business and Investor” for 100Women in Finance in Zurich

09 Nov 2017

Keynote: Uberization of work for transfer conference Angestellte Schweiz

19 Oct 2017

«Your next Job» Workshop for curious courses GmbH, Zurich

03 Oct 2017

Keynote “Failed or Cleverer”, Rotary Club, Aarau

29 Sept 2017

Keynote speech for Peruvian female entrepreneurs, Lima, Peru

26 Sept 2017

Moderation of MBA Women in Business Kick-off events at St. Gallen University


19 Sept 2017

Workshop on Personal Branding and Networking for Start up Frauen Schweiz

14 Sept 2017

Panel participation in Business Network Day “Female Entrepreneur” in Zug


01 Sept 2017

Pricing Workshop as part of the Summer School for ZHdK ZĂŒrich

26 Aug 2017

Moderation “Women in Digital” Panel at SuisseEMEX in Zurich

06 July 2017

Panel participant “Women Investing and Training“ at the World Angel Investor Conference in Beijing, China

06 June 2017

Facilitation of the Global Entrepreneurship Week by Swisscontact


22 May 2017

Appearance of the start-up Sexy Little Bag on the broadcast Aeschbacher on SRF1

16 May 2017

Workshop on Personal Branding and Networking for Start up Frauen Schweiz


05 Apr 2016

Sales-Workshop ‘Sales is not a dirty word” at Impact HUB ZĂŒrich


23 NOV 2015

Pitch of the Project “Sexy Little Bag“ at Angels for Ladies

06 NOV 2015

TED Talk at TEDxZurich, lecture on domestic violence

27 OCT 2015

Womenway and subsequent panel moderation with Betina Balitzki, Dorothée Regazzoni, Claudia Nussberger, Claudine Esseiva

13 OCT 2015

Pitch of the Project “Sexy Little Bag“ at the opening of Impact Hub ZĂŒrich

22 SEP 2015

Jour Fixe Entrepreneurship; Presentation of a Round Table on Digital Business Models with the blogger Kafi Freitag

18 SEP 2015

Pitch of the Project “Sexy Little Bag“ at the opening of Impact Hub ZĂŒrich

05 JUN 2015

Moderation and presentation on networking at the ConnexHR event: More women in top management & boards of directors: Implications for the HR agenda!

05 MAY 2015

YFEE goes India, moderator of the podium between Waseem Hussain, CEO Marwas and Rati Menon, Managing Director TATA Interactive Systems HWZ

24 FEB 2015

Moderator of the YFEE event on Art as an Investment at Christie’s ZĂŒrich


22 Sept 2014

Verband Frauenunternehmen (VFU) Jour Fixe Entrepreneurship, Moderation of a round table on digitization with the jazz musician Christina Jaccard

28 AUG 2014

Moderation of the “Women Executive Talk” at the EMEX14: Businesswomen report on their path to success and give tips on marketing practice. Gerlinde Manz Christ, Yvonne Martinali and Christina Tremonte