Do you have all your Christmas presents ready? How about this very special present to yourself?


Get ready for a successful and satisfying 2022!

Let’s intentionally plan the upcoming year in all your areas of life instead of setting yourself new year’s resolutions.

As a coach I see it again and again: If not prepared well, people who have amazing yearly goals, plans and ideas give up at some point. They lose focus, get discouraged, lose sight of the big picture or simply forget about what once was their big goal.

Just like fitness studios are full in January and almost empty again by March…

New years’ resolutions don’t work for a reason. BUT, there are ways how we can make them work– though preparation and intentional planning.

2022 could become your most successful year ever!

In this workshop you’ll devote 3 hours to your very personal development, look at your goals and how you can achieve them.

  • We’ll look back at the past year(s) and celebrate your successes and wins!
  • We’ll make an inventory of your current resources
  • We’ll plan the year ahead in the various relevant areas of your life

Success can be planned. Working with my coaching clients on their annual planning efforts has become one of my favorite engagements. Rather than doing this work with each one individually, let’s use the power of the community and support each other.

The workshop uses elements of Life Design, wheel of life, positive psychology, career models and many more effective coaching tools.



Date 21.01.22
Time 9.00 – 12.00 Uhr
Place FREIRAUM, Bahnhofstrasse Zürich, the workshop is planned on-site, 3G rules apply
Price 450.- CHF
Student? Unemployed? Single-mum or other challenge? Contact me.
Group size
10 seats


Registration: Goal Setting Workshop
The price of this goal-setting Workshop is 450.- CHF Student? Unemployed? Single-mum or other challenge? Contact me.