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Welcome to SEABRAND!

SEABRAND helps you achieve your full potential.

SEABRAND works on the basis that people and companies are overflowing with potential. You simply need the right input or inspiration, and waves of potential can be set free!

SEABRAND offers consulting and coaching with a focus on strategy, international collaboration, teambuilding and global marketing. We help you plan and execute your projects.

No company plans to fail, but many companies fail to plan.

We help bring structure and clarity to existing projects in order to empower you and your company to succeed and create high quality products.


With our groupreneur Programme we support solopreneurs in realising their projects and building their companies. Based on single- and groupcoaching we take the best from both approaches and therefore help you achieving your goals in the most effective way! The Groupreneur modules start regularly, check here!

SEABRAND offers coaching alongside its other services because we recognize that the work of a team starts with the input and impact of the individual members. When projects are not effective, the problem is often not a lack of planning, but the full understanding and correct execution of the plan by team members. By reflecting upon communication patterns and analyzing, clarifying or reframing certain topics, we support you in achieving higher levels of effectiveness and efficiency in your projects and daily cooperation.

We’ll work together with you to define the goals and standards of each project, because it’s only on mutually agreed grounds that creativity can be stimulated and outstanding results achieved.

SEABRAND is committed to your success – we regard your success as vital for our success. We maintain long-term relationships with our clients and are interested in your well-being beyond the delivery of a project.

We are consistently mindful of the goal of enhanced efficiency and effectiveness and aim to achieve this through doing the right things and getting things done right – in all areas of activity and with regard to all products and initiatives.

We help you

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