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“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.”
Robin Sharma, Canadian writer


I am Andreia Fernandes, the person behind SEABRAND. I am happy to welcome you here and to have an opportunity to tell you about my passion, my vision and what I see as my mission with SEABRAND.

I strongly believe that people don’t buy what I do – they buy why I do it. My vision is to empower you to achieve your wildest dreams! I want to enable you to recognize your potential and achieve your personal and professional goals in a way that draws on all elements of your personality. This will help you create your unique personal brand.

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SEABRAND works on the basis that people and companies are overflowing with potential – you simply need the right inspiration, and waves of potential can suddenly be set free!

Nobody plans to fail, but many companies fail to plan.

SEABRAND consulting assists its clients in accessing untapped potential on two levels. The first approach is aimed at bringing virtual and real teams together. Whenever you want to start a project with a new team or reignite motivation in your existing team, we can assist you with various useful approaches for team building.

The second consulting approach is purely technical; here, we help you find answers to your complex strategic, marketing and branding problems and manage your projects. We support you in re-evaluating your strategy, creating strategies for leveraging your competitive edge, planning your communication and launching your product.

Andreia Fernandes


CEO and Funder

years of Marketing


My journey began more than 20 years ago. I was twelve years old and worked for the local music store during my free time. I took care of the phone marketing, selling all imaginable types of music and audio books across Switzerland. Just imagine: my generation still had real shops selling real CDs and DVDs – and they were the only way to buy music! J

Since then, I have worked in many different marketing-related fields and on many marketing-related projects: global product management, marketing strategy, go-to-market strategies and corporate marketing for start-ups and events.

years of work in an international environment

International experience

It was during my apprenticeship in a big multinational that I realized how much I enjoyed being connected to the world. Working across time zones with Asians, Arabs and Latin Americans on a single project may not always be easy – but it widened my horizon. This intercultural curiosity has been my inspiration for learning more than 5 languages, living in 4 countries and travelling to more than 55 countries so far. Connecting with the world – be it by travelling with my backpack or working on international projects – is one of the biggest sources for my personal waves of motivation. I have also been lecturing on intercultural management at various institutes for more than 5 years.

years of Strategy


During mergers and acquisitions (for industry and medical devices), I learned that aligning or building new, comprehensive strategies is something that presents a challenge for many companies with regard to their values and corporate culture. I have supported several small and medium sized enterprises in setting up their overall, competitive and marketing strategies as a consultant.



We can speak German, Swiss – German, Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, and I also understand a bit of Italian. If needed we can plan workshops in more than one language.



Have you read about my practical experience and are now wondering what this means in terms of education? What I have done so far:

  • MBA from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and ESADE Barcelona, Spain
  • Bachelor of science in business administration with a major in international Management from ZHAW, Zurich University of Applied Sciences Switzerland and the IDC – Interdisciplinary Center Herzlya, Israel
  • several courses and modules on coaching from different Experts such as CoachingPlus
  • various seminars on communication (by Petra Wüst, Markus Knill, Vera F. Birkenbihl), women in business (by Dr. Peter Modler, REVEAL), Conflict Management (by Dr. Rolf Specht)
  • a qualification as culture and arts manager from SAWI, the Swiss Education Institute for Marketing, Sales and Advertising

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