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Welcome to the SEABRAND blog!

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Welcome to this sea of inspiring waves, aimed at bringing out the best in you!

This blog is not about work-life balance. It’s about life. There is no such thing as a work-life balance anyway. Or do you stop living once you go to work? While some would no doubt say that life begins the minute work ends, I personally believe that is a waste of time. I’d rather inspire you to be inspired nine-to-five as well!

This blog will not change your life. You will do it yourself! On a regular basis, I’ll inspire you to live up to your potential. The blog will touch upon various topics around identifying and living all the potential you have inside you!

We all have those voices in us;

  • that little (or big!) inner critic that tells you that you are not good (enough) at …xyz…
  • that public relations voice telling you that others think you do horribly at …xyz…, no matter whether it is true or not
  • that perfectionist voice telling you that your …xyz…project is not ready yet (and it won’t be for the next xy years)
  • that big monster that is hiding within us and that makes us feel we are totally scared of …xyz…although it is irrational
  • that voice (that usually sounds like your mum, dad, sister or brother) that doesn’t say anything but still gives you the feeling you are not fulfilling its expectations with regard to …xyz…

This list is non- exhaustive and you may have a smaller or a larger “team” of voices inside you.

No matter what size your team and how loud these voices all talk, sing, scream or whisper – I will help you create a well-performing team where all these voices are raised in the same direction. It’s not about drowning any of these voices out – they are all relevant and all have their raison d’ être. They just need some team building support! If you want to receive waves of inspiration aimed at developing your inner potential, please sign up here!

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Why English? Oh yes, that question has come a couple of times already. I am not a native English speaker. My mother tongues are Swiss-German, German and Portuguese, but since I want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to benefit from these waves of inspiration and to unleash their potential, I decided to blog in English. So you can expect my articles to be in easy-to-understand, global English (and forgive any mistakes ..:-)).

Do you have a specific goal or problem you want me to discuss in my blog? Let me know:

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