This inspiration by Professor Campbell has rarely been as true as in today’s volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and complex world.

While #VUCA has long been a reality for businesses and us humans alike, I’d like to rather focus at the skill it requires from us to navigate this type of environment: Agility!

In the past decades Leaders concluded and mostly agreed that IQ without EQ is worthless. Meanwhile, our AQ (Agility Quotient) is also part of the equation. Adaptability is a new competitive advantage that you can leverage, in terms of your own capital as well as when hiring new team members.

How can we identify someone’s AQ?

My personal experience has been that it’s not easy to identify at first sight. But it’s also a rewarding journey to stay mindful of my own adaptability.

Curiosity has been my personal key to remaining adaptable – navigating within the learning zone without falling back into the comfort zone or ending up in the panic zone is a constant job.

I try to go through situations with an open mind and open heart, not always do I succeed in confronting myself with conscious and unconscious bias, but constantly working on it also allows for identifying micro steps that are made.

What’s been helpful for you to remain adaptable?

I’ll be sharing more on this topic soon, stay tuned!



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