“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”
Sören Aabye Kierkegaard, Danish Philosopher

Feel the waves of YOUR potential!

Our vision is to empower you to achieve your wildest dreams!

We want to enable you to see your potential, to free yourself from inner barriers and to overcome any self-destructive patterns.

We´ll encourage you to take one step back and one step ahead to see what “was”, what “is” and what “can be”, thus enabling you to make strategic decisions on your life, career and business.

We help you work out a clear action plan with attainable goals and considering the organizational and private environment you are in.

Learn how to achieve and appreciate small goals on a personal level and you’ll be able to achieve all the big goals you want! As we help you expand your success, we want to make sure you see the deeper purpose in doing so, leading you into a lifelong journey towards increased satisfaction and happiness.

While the title “Coach” is not protected and therefore different quality standards apply to different coaches, to us it is of utmost importance to support you on a high level and bring out the best in you!

This means for you:

While we will ask you many questions and make exercises and tools, it will always be on you to take the final decision to make change.

We’ll use different coaching methods as we see fit, whenever you give us a tumbs up you’ll get more of that and if it’s not yours we’ll pick something else from out toolbox.

If you share this vision and would like to know how we can support you, please contact us!

The choice of a coach is a very personal matter. Take your time and feel free to get in touch in order to get to know us!

We offer support in German, English, Portuguese or Spanish – just pick the language in which you feel most comfortable.

When YOU need it – because it’s a lifelong process


We, too, have coaches that occasionally kick us out of our comfort zone and make us rethink if we support our clients in the best possible way. In addition to that we invest a remarkable amount of time and money in further education, learning and personal growth. As we continue to learn and develop as coaches, we are continually discovering new ideas and approaches for helping our clients. The same principle of ongoing change and development also applies to you. While we recommend 6 to 10 meetings until effective change happens, there is no need to book a package or to commit to a certain number of sessions upfront. We let you decide on the pace and duration – you’re always welcome to come back to us after months or even years!