There is no second chance for a first impression, neither for you as individual nor for you

Your Professional Profile

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  • Analysis and feedback: what’s the first impression of your profile (website, CV, Linkedin profile) from the perspective of your choice; Headhunter or potential employer, potential client
  • Is it coherent with your personal branding strategy?
  • What’s perceived as your USP and special offering?
  • How’s your profile compared to (1-2) similar profiles / competitors?
  • Specific Tipps, how to improve your profile
  • Answers to your questions around your profile

Profile check incl. Documentation and 30-45 min feedback session (online or in-person)

1 Profile  450.- 1 Profile (i.e. Linkedin)

2 Profiles 500.- 2 Profiles (i.e. Linkedin & CV)