Groupreneur, the growth community for solopreneurs!

Congrats! You are leading your company on your own, you are a so called solopreneur.

You want to grow and strengthen your brand in order to expand? Do you ask yourself – like so many solopreneurs  – where to best start with that and how to do it when you don’t have a full team backing you up? Then Groupreneur might be something from you!

Groupreneur – building strong companies and brands together

This is what connects the Groupreneur community! You:

  • Have recently started your first business or do you plan to start soon?
  • Do you already know that it is impossible to handle everything alone? (And by the way, you don’t have to, no matter in which area you work).
  • Do you sometimes wish you had a sparring partner whom you could ask for a second opinion, advice and support?
  • Do you want to bring your business to the next level?

Then this is the right thing for you!

Together we:

  • Focus on how you tackle the challenges in your business.
  • Explain how to best build your business and brand strategically. Towards your clients but also internally, with your (virtual) team. Strong brand, high presence.
  • Support each other as sparring-partners. Especially when it comes to critically questioning approaches and plans.
  • Discuss our own, current problems under guidance in the group. We use swarm intelligence in a trustworthy framework.

You receive:

  • Valuable inputs, inspirations and feedback on your business.
  • Four one-on-one coaching sessions. Here we analyze your individual path and your approach.
  • 8 training modules, live and online
  • Through live consulting the chance to analyze your challenges as a case study.
  • Useful Task sheets and checklists on topics such as project management, Brand Building and PR.
  • Expert feedback from different perspectives.
  • Exclusive, private Facebook-Group only for members.

Your investment:

  • 2- 3 sessions per month during the next five months
  • a mix of peer meet-ups and one-on-one coaching


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The community is looking forward to meeting you!

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