Team Development – intercultural teaming

Creating an organizational and team culture that is sustained and accepted by all its members is complex and requires a vision, strong leadership as well as continuous engagement of each single member.
– Do you have a team consisting of different personality types and aim at bringing out the best of each individual?
– Do you have a team consisting of several different nationalities and cultures?
We guide you and your team through the forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning phases by using our well proven toolbox. Our Team events focus on team development from a personality perspective, whereby we work with the GPI ® and other organizational development methods as per your requirements.

We insist that these events also have to be fun! Do you know the Italian who went to Malta or Hu is the new leader of China?*
While such culture clash stories and videos are fun to watch from a distance, intercultural misunderstandings can be painful and cost your company valuable time, resources and lastly money! As a 2018 Harvard Business Study summarizes: Cultural Conflict Undermines Workplace Creativity.

Intercultural Teaming is the perfect mix of intercultural training and team building to bring your international team closer together in an interactive and playful way.

* in case you don’t know either of them, please lean back, watch, enjoy and laugh about the fun side of intercultural clashes:
Italian who went to Malta:
Hu, the new leader of China: