This inspiration by Professor Campbell has rarely been as true as in today's volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and complex world. While #VUCA has long been a reality for businesses and us humans alike, I'd like to rather focus at the skill it requires from us to navigate this type of environment: [...]


Jobsearch & Career Books

I've been asked about my top Books on Jobsearch and career - and here they are, a German and an English List: Büchertipps Deutsch  English Booktips Durchstarten zum Traumjob Das ultimative Handbuch für Ein-, Um- und Aufsteiger Richard N. Bolles Workbook What color is your parachute? A Practical Manual for [...]

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Would you spend your first date speaking about your ex?

Skilled people on their way to their next professional challenge sometimes fall into a subtle trap. While it’s necessary to be crystal clear on past achievements, show the results you’ve achieved with as many facts as possible in your CV, it’s even more important to be clear on your mental [...]

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Do you interview your interviewer?

When my coaching clients start becoming clearer about their vision and goals, it sometimes includes a change in their career. It can be an internal move or lead to looking for a job outside their current company. While it’s clear that they should prepare well in order to present themselves, [...]

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Top career Books

April 23rd is World Book day!   I do love books and the potential they awaken in me, in celebration of world book day I'd like to share a couple of books with you today! I'll keep it short, although the list of books that had a remarkable impact on [...]

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The power of a phone call

When coaching clients that want my support with regards to a career change, we often end up looking at their own application strategy. My coachees traditionally put a lot of energy in creating the perfect CV and meaningful cover letters to use on the overt job market and activate their [...]

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Video job interviews

Video job interviews are an increasingly common part of the hiring process. While it is nothing new for many expats and 'glocal' employees, for those who have never worked or applied for jobs in an international context, the new situation bears a couple of questions. What should you consider, when [...]

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