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I've been asked about my top Books on Jobsearch and career - and here they are, a German and an English List: Büchertipps Deutsch  English Booktips Durchstarten zum Traumjob Das ultimative Handbuch für Ein-, Um- und Aufsteiger Richard N. Bolles Workbook What color is your parachute? A Practical Manual for [...]

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When you’re feeling bad: stay present – with the end in mind

It's hard to make predictions, especially about the future... Yogi Berra   One of the hardest challenges I often observe in my coachings and also personally used to face, is sticking to self-care activities such as daily yoga and meditation routines in more stressful times. Simultaneously, I am aware that [...]

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Top career Books

April 23rd is World Book day!   I do love books and the potential they awaken in me, in celebration of world book day I'd like to share a couple of books with you today! I'll keep it short, although the list of books that had a remarkable impact on [...]

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The power of a phone call

When coaching clients that want my support with regards to a career change, we often end up looking at their own application strategy. My coachees traditionally put a lot of energy in creating the perfect CV and meaningful cover letters to use on the overt job market and activate their [...]

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Gandhi was right. You just need to start with small little things..

Turn frustration into satisfaction or: Mentor the change you want to see in the world! I got involved into mentoring programmes out of a frustration and a hope. The frustration that sometimes I wished there was someone to give me more guidance or someone I could ask things, and the [...]

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Do less – achieve more

Multitasking - blessing or curse? What’s claimed to be most womens’ strength is also one of our major weaknesses: multitasking. Not only do we waste a lot of energy, we also miss out on opportunities to professionally position ourselves better and improve our career, like our male colleagues. Let's say, [...]

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Why women don’t ask?

Acouple of years ago I read an article about the paygap. When analyzing the gap between salaries of men and women, one third was attributed to the fact that women negotiate differerently. Okay, differently sounds too optimistic, the article actually said we are bad negotiators. There would be little I [...]

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