“Perception is strong and sight weak. In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things.”
Miyamoto Musashi, Japanese swordsman

 Step by Step

SEABRAND consulting assists its corporate clients in uncovering their untapped potential on two levels:

The first approach is aimed at bringing virtual and real teams together. As with a one-to-one coaching style, this approach is all about the people – because it is the people in your team or company that make or break the success of your enterprise and product. Whenever you want to start a project with a new team or reignite motivation in your existing team we can assist you with various approaches for team building. View each of your team members as one piece of the puzzle and build a team where the potential of each single member complements the rest.

The second consulting approach is purely technical: here, we help you find answers to your complex problems and manage your projects. We support you in (re-) evaluating your strategy. We support you in creating strategies that leverage your competitive edge, planning your communication and launching your product.


Strategy starts with awareness of your vision and values, continues with your practices and – while it does not end with your people – it depends on them in a number of different ways.

From targeting the right segment to the logical next steps for expansion, we help you in choosing the right things to do – and how to do them right. This sometimes means complex answers for complex questions, while other times it is simple and straightforward. We help you align your strategy with the market´s needs.


Marketing is one area in which we are particularly well-placed to support you. We help you to improve your integrated marketing and communication efforts and thus to strengthen your positioning. This starts with your internal communication with employees, moves onto the developing and training of sales staff and finishes with refining your client facing activities, from your website to your business cards. We help you bring your brand to the next level!

International Focus

We want to help you succeed “glocally” – globally as well as locally. While it’s vital to take care of your employees on a local level, it is also important to ensure their successful cooperation on a worldwide level. We help you take account of cultural factors in your internal and external activities.