Know that situation? You wanted to ‘quickly’ search for the article recently posted by a friend on social media and … an hour and a number of related (or unrelated) articles later you find yourself, almost without knowing what you originally wanted to do.

In many cases, “digital” supports us in doing things faster and more efficiently. We can plan entire campaigns on social media, for example, and run them in our absence. Thanks to email marketing, we can automatically find new prospects or even paying customers.

Whether “digital” also helps us in our everyday to work in a more focused way depends heavily on how we design our workplace or workspace, digitally and analogously. The variety of media, applications and tools challenges us in many ways – we have to decide for or against a platform or technology.

In order to reap the benefits of increased productivity, there is something else that is difficult for many of us: we should stick to the decisions taken or tool once chosen.

In the end, you decide when, where, how, what for and how much you engage digital – remember: sometimes less is more.

Written on Digitaltag, the Swiss digital day 2019


The original version of this blogpost appeared in German in the magazine “Die Wirtschaftsfrau” .


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