Skilled people on their way to their next professional challenge sometimes fall into a subtle trap. While it’s necessary to be crystal clear on past achievements, show the results you’ve achieved with as many facts as possible in your CV, it’s even more important to be clear on your mental availability to embark a new corporate culture.

If you get a foot in the door via your network, the dynamics may be slightly different, but in any case, you should avoid these mistakes in your application letter and CV.

Mistake #1: it’s not about what you’ve done. It’s about the results.

Many CVs list activities as if in a job description and miss out on actually showing what they achieved in executing these tasks.

  • Add achievements and specific results to your CV. The more facts, the better!


  • Managed Product xyz: Increased sales by 10%
  • Managed Project z: Cut cost by 17%

Mistake #2: it’s about the task, not the company

When mentioning previous roles, be mindful to which degree you focus on the role and how much you speak about the company. While a potential new employer will evaluate whether you’re loyal, he will also notice if you’re actually still attached to your current or old employer.

  • If needed mention your previous employer once, but then focus on the tasks you’re describing. Otherwise it’s as if you were dating someone and speaking all the time about your ex.

Misake #3 it’s about the company, not you

I was just mentioning how important it’s not to speak too much about the previous employer. At the same time, it’s essential to prove you’ve done your homework and researched about the company you’re interested in.

  • Start your letter by showing interest in the company and why you could identify with working for them. It’s about showing the value you can bring to them; not just how great you are.

Are you thinking about your next career step? Are you unclear about your goals and potential next steps?

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